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Mini Piling Services

Giving your foundations the structural strength they need

Does your building project require piling? Whether it’s an extension or a new build home, if the ground doesn’t offer the right level of structural support, the project will be ultimately doomed to failure unless the necessary action is taken.

This is where FirmBase Piling steps in. Using advanced, proven methods and top-of-the-range moling equipment, we will strengthen your building’s foundations effectively and in accordance with industry regulations for structural integrity and safety.

We are specialists in mini piling services. Mini piling employs piles with a smaller diameter than standard piling, which you may have seen on building sites, allowing piled foundations to be installed in restricted sites where standard piles would not be practicable.

Mini Piling Services
Mini Piling Services

We're piling specialists

We are piling specialists with the experience and expertise to provide you with a professional service at a competitive rate for any job where mini piling or underpinning is needed.

We install 150mm steel cased, bottom-driven piles, which are perfect for many situations, be it an extension on your home or a complete new build property. We also offer piled underpinning and pad foundations for steel-framed buildings.

At FirmBase Piling we make it simple for you

  • Mini piling for extensions

  • Mini piling for new builds

  • Mini building for commercial structures

  • An efficient, high-quality, no-bull service

  • Work performed by friendly, dedicated tradespeople

  • A competitively priced service backed by honest quotes and no hidden costs or surprises

Mini Piling Services

A few words from FirmBase owner, Gaz:

As a bricklayer myself, I know the need for level concrete, so we use the laser level when it comes to concreting. I also recognise the need to work with you/your builder to overcome any problems that may arise which are specific to your job, and will endeavour to resolve them.

If you have any queries at all, be it about your job, or to find out if piling is what you need, feel free to email, WhatsApp or ring me and I will be happy to give you honest advice.

Mini piling could be the cost-effective yet lasting solution for your construction project. Contact our Darwen based team now on: